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Living and working in Tollgate, I get a TON of people who say they want to live simply and without debt.  Tiny homes seem to be a go to option for people these days…however how do you do it?  I have collected a ton of stuff over the course of my life and don’t know where you put it in a tiny home.  The Mr jokes often about going into the business of Tiny Home additions.  This cracks me up.  Here is a great article from FB that answered a few of my qs on actually doing this.  click HERE to read.




The Young Riders annual bike swap is going on this coming weekend at The Yard.  May 11th and 12th.  For details call White Pine Touring or visit

A few of my friends wanted to get rid of some of their junk.  You know that I love a good yard sale find.  Good deals and not filling a landfill is always good in my book.  The Canyons resort is joining with Recycle Ut to have a community YARD SALE.  Only $20. to have a table and sell some of your stuff.  I’ll be out shopping/maybe I’ll donate some items too.


Last night I found myself volunteering at the Peace house’s annual auction at La Caille.  For those of you that do not know about it, The Park City Board of Realtors works with the Peace House every year to help raise money for programs and help for battered women and children.  I know it is hard to believe that in a (somewhat) small, wealthy town like Park City that this sort of thing happens, but it does.  Women and children from all soco-economical strata  can find themselves in a bad situation and the Peace House is there to help.  They do amazing things and have saved lives.

They place was hopping with people!  There were tons of great items to bid on and I’m sure a lot of money was raised.  It was great to see many of my realtor friends there supporting a great cause and tons of people from the community were there as well.  If you did not get to join in and would like to help you can contact the Peace House and make a donation or we have another event coming up in August -the Luxury Home Tour.

I am still a little mad that someone out bid me (by $10) for my hair-do certificate, but I’ll get over it.

Today I had a business meeting at Cafe Terigo.  This place is great!  I am always a fan of italian food (go figure) and this place has a wonderful assortment of items on there menu italian or otherwise.  

Today I enjoyed a lovely mediterranean salad and managed to skip dessert.  I love the dessert here!  I have had a bad week.  What is really nice about this place is the outdoor seating.  We showed up for lunch after 130 and the place was packed, but we were able get a lovely table on the patio and they let us hang out and have our meeting without any trouble as the place cleared out after the lunch rush.  This place is a local favorite and I love to get lunch here especially in the summer on the patio.  Dinner is wonderful too and has a great atmosphere inside or out.

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