Dogs, dog owners and mean nasty smelly douche-bag dog haters (with guns) are up in arms about dogs off leash on trails in Park City.  Summit county has a leash law, however Park City has been a dog friendly town for years.  With the influx of people we are all feeling the heat on this issue.  A Summit County Council meeting to discuss the county leash laws is scheduled Wednesday, April 17 at 1:35 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building, located at 1885 West Ute Boulevard.

As the parent of two well trained active Weimaraner biking dogs, you can guess this is an upsetting topic for me.  I can understand that some people have a real fear of these animals and you ALWAYS need to exercise caution when approaching any animal…cat, dog, fish, monkey, bear  I have been bit by many things, nothing serious and all my fault.  HOWEVER…..some animals need to run.

When you are on a trail you give the horse the right of way and respect others on the trail.  As a dog owner I feel it is my responsibility to make my animals model citizens and unfortunately other owners are more lax about this.  I repeatedly have other trail users compliment my animals behavior-and this is no accident.   And any bad behavior has been when I encounter a lax owner.




please don’t take our trail privileges away……

I think that it is really sad that our town has grown so much that this decision is being made due to the two complete opposite groups in the minority that can’t respect others.    And by respect others I mean train their animals or grow a pair and deal with your fears.    One woman was threatened by a man to pull a gun and shoot her dog this winter.  Be nice people…

TO THE HATERS…Keep in mind that an dog on a leash is sometimes more dangerous than one off.  AND you moved to a dog friendly town illustrated by the  book called “dogs on main st” and the fact that is was once referred to as BARK CITY at what point did you think that would stop when you moved your pansy ass from the city.

Interested in heading down to the meeting tomorrow at 1?  Kurbi and I may be going.