An epic week of skiing ended with Kimmy Girl's 100th day on snow!

Rocked Monday afternoon out the back door of Tigh Shebeen in fresh tracks after a half a foot of snow fell in the morning. Followed up by nothin but freshies for 5 hours starting first thing 9am Tuesday morning. A full foot and a half of powder had dumped over the prior day, providing all one of the best days on snow for the entire year!

Switch it up with a classic spring skiing 40 degree blue bird day on Wednesday. Throw in another couple inches of powder that blows in knee deep up top come Thursday. Grab the first gondola, first chair, and first tracks under 9990, and you have one Specfrigintacular morning.

Then finish the week, and the year, by celebrating Kimmy Girl's 100th Day on Friday. As scripted, the sky was painted blue, I had a case of beer on my back (and in my pockets),and we proceeded to tour the mountain hitting almost every lifty with a brew as 'Magic Pockets', The ladies, and Kimmy Girl, celebrated Her 100th Day on Snow! 

You realize, after a week like that, Life does not Suck!

Cheers to Kimmy Girl from the Tigh Shebeen.