Another illiterate person in my driveway (and I do not mean the dog).  It baffles me that the 6 foot yellow banner and the 3 or 4 NO TRESPASSING signs do not deter people from attempting my 1/3 mile, dirt, black diamond rated driveway.  I figure that these people have to be idiots or illiterate to make such a bad choice of roads.

‘Hmmm, I am at an intersection… one way saying Tollgate Canyon, fire danger and the road is badly paved, but wide orrr…. I can take this other narrow, steep, dirt road with no less than 4 signs that say no trespassing, private driveway (one of the signs is a 6ft banner)…I will choose the dirt one with my 28 foot double axel dumpster truck.’   Jackass!

This makes me CRAZY!