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I  have been noticing lately that people are not only having trouble texting and talking on the phone but ALSO walking and talking has become a big issue.   I was at Smiths the other day and saw a woman walk into another persons cart-oops.  I think we need to focus on doing one thing at a time for a while.  Check out this vid and see some real good ones.



Several years ago Mr Man and I went with my parents to see Funny Girl at this venue.  It was wonderful.  The show was fabulous and funny and the venue was terrific.  When we decided to go back the following year, the plays had stopped.  Sad.  Then we heard that Sundance had partnered with Utah Valley University to continue the tradition.  Last friday we headed on over to see Seven Brides for Seven  Brothers.  What a good time!  The cast was fun and the set was amazing.  For the show you walk up the ski trail and find this small stage with Timpanogos as the backdrop-wow!  There is seating up front on the wooden benches and lawn seating.  We opted for the lawn this time.  And I was even able to have a glass of wine.  Lovely night.

A space saucer has landed in the Parking lot at the bottom of the Canyon.  Stay tuned while I see if I can rescue any aliens.

I don’t know how he figured that one out but, ok. This is worth the 30 seconds.

Click here.



Mr Man loves sushi.  Some of my good friends invited us out for a sushi dinner.  I generally avoid these places as I do not like fish, but all of my friends do, so off we went…

The atmosphere is great and the menu is extensive.  i was able to get a wagu beef dish that was delicious.  Everyone else enjoyed every kind of roll imaginable and with the local deals the bill was not bad either.


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