PLEASE buy me!

PLEASE buy me!

I am often asked what people can do to help sell their home and what home improvement projects will make the most impact on buyers.

First, let me say that PRICE will sell any home.  If you price your home right — not for what you want for it — your home will  draw in buyers.  A great example of this is all of the foreclosures and short sales out there. Banks are not tied up with emotions.  When they sell a home, they look at the bottom line. PERIOD.  This is hard for seller’s to do, dropping the price; and I know it may be less than what you paid for it, may be your best bet.  Try not to get caught up in emotions or worse yet ‘My house is better because ….’  I hear that all the time.

It is true that some homes just have that IT factor.  Views, great kitchens, bathrooms and clean homes will appeal to more people than homes that have a lot of unfinished projects and clutter all over the place.

So, if you are selling I suggest to start with the easy, free and cheap things first.

De-clutter– pretend you are moving out and start packing.  I know you love your mom and college friends, but removing all of those pictures from you fireplace mantal will help the buyers see the fireplace.  And do you REALLY need them?  Get rid of and donate anything that you will not use again.  Pack away all of your personal items. And yes I mean you basket collection.  If your home is cluttered it tells buyers there is not enough storage.

Clean-I am often shocked by the mess that people will live in.  I can tell you that if your home is dirty, your buyers will see the dirt and not your home.

Finish Projects-If you are anything like me you have a few to dos on your list.  Write out and finish each one.  Won’t that feel good.

Kitchens and baths-these area are important to your buyers.  They should be as nice as possible without spending a ton of $.  The buyer may want to change it anyway.

Paint-one of the cheapest ways to spruce up the house.  A fresh coat of neutral paint is always a good bet.

Entry– Spend a saturday cleaning up the front yard and entry way.  Curb appeal helps to get people in the door.

Staging-This can help sell your home.  If you can’t afford a professional stager ask a friend or your realtor to help make your home more appealing.  Staging can help to define spaces and having the right sized furniture in a room will help a lot.

FYI the home in the picture did not sell.  The pink and purple living room was great for that owner, but made most people cringe.  The home was eventually foreclosed on.