Hi All,

Good news or maybe not….  The Utah Taxpayers Assoc. has spoken out against the 8.5 million dollar bond for the Summit County Rec Center. Though I am for anything that can provide activities and a sense of community in a town, this proposal is ridiculous.  Summit County is made up of mostly farming towns.  Aside from Park City most family incomes are under 60K per year.  This proposal is a big expense for people who do not need to dig any deeper in their pockets at this time.  Population of Coalville is under 4,000 people and it covers a large area of Summit county.  Summit county already has a Rec center in the more densely populated area of Kimball Junction in Park City.  Why anyone–aside from the few Coalville residents-would vote for this eludes me.  And again….THERE IS NO POOL.

See the full article at the Park Record.