THE Man and I watched a movie last night that we both thought was pretty good.  “Cloverfield”  4 out of 5 stars.   It is a sci-fi horror film, kinda scary, but not too bad.  Just so you know what our tastes in movies are.  Kim-like; sci-fi, comedies, romance and anything a little off beat.  Dave likes; any movie well done with good content including sci-fi,but that is not his favorite.  I will watch movies that I like many times, Dave only likes to see things one time.  Generally I do not like really sappy or slow movies and do not like war films (unless it is futuristic).  Dave does not like big box movies and would much prefer a foreign documentary.  So our tastes are a little different.  When we both like something I pass it along.  “Cloverfield” is like Alien meets Blair witch set in NYC.  Kinda cool.  Let me know what you think.