Some of you may or may not be aware that Talisker (aka Canyons owner) is being sued by  Park City Mountain Resort.  This is kinda sad due to the fact that Park City (the town) exists due to us having 3 wonderful resorts for skiers to enjoy.  Deer Vally, PCMR and Canyons are our resorts.  Each resort has its own flavor and each is in turn important to our economy.  Well at one time some land came up for sale and Talisker bought it. (that is what they do)  Part of the property is a bunch of land that actually has been leased by PCMR and many of there ski trails are on it.  Well the lease has come up and -not knowing all of the particulars- Talisker and PCMR are having a hard time deciding what to do about it.  There is even talk about PCMR not opening this year. EEK.  I hope this does not happen even though I mostly ski at Canyons.

PCMR is still selling season passes to the resort and they are assuring the public that we can get refunds if the mountain does not open.  The Park Record spells it out in this article.