Summit county is talking about putting in a new rec center in Coalville.  Sound good?  I do not think so.  In a time when the county can’t balance their budget they are asking us for another 8.5 million dollars for a unnecessary building.  It would be great if the small population of Coalville had a rec center, however Park City (20 minutes away) has a new rec center, that they can use.  This new project would increase my taxes by @ $600 per year.  Hmmmm.  AND if I want to use it I have to drive 20 minutes away and pay to use it.  WHAT it costs more to use it.  YUP.  AND they are planning the building without a pool.  NO POOL-not that I would use it anyway, too many kids pee in there.  I would be better off spending the $600 to join the locar (really nice) fitness club with a pool and that is only 5 minutes away.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE or CENTS!   Please vote NO on June 26th summit county.    for more information click here.