Early this am I woke up and looked on Facebook to see what was going on with my peeps.  Well there was a ton of activity on this topic on the Mountain Trails page.  It looks like Park City may want to enforce leash laws on the trails.


Many people have commented on both sides of the issue.  Unfortunately I do not see a solution.  I am FOR THE DOGs.   I have two active dogs and part of their job is to accompany me on my bike rides.   I feel they are very well behaved and we are conscious of other rides and the trails.  Now, if I suddenly have to leash them (like I am supposed to) it reduces their activity and my fun.  I do not ever want to be that person that ruins someone else’s ride and I would not want anyone (dog’s or riders) to be hurt by my use of the trail with Kurbi and Kosmo, but I do not think that outlawing dogs of leash is the answer.  Any thoughts?

How about trail certified dogs/owners?