Many of my followers are familiar with my ‘perfect’ dog Kurbi.  I do have another dog….  Mr.  Kosmo Blu.  Kosmo has a bad rep because he speed is set on fast forward and he does not ever stop moving (until bedtime).  So I thought I would take a minute to introduce him.   Kosmo is 2.  He acts like a puppy most of the time.  He is a 60 lb Weimaraner,with tons of energy.  Weims are great dogs.  High energy and love to be with their people.  They do not do well if left alone for too long and NEED daily exercise.  Our dogs mountain bike with us and a great trail dogs.  This breed is very trainalble and can do many things; hunt, search and rescue, companion, assistance.  I do not believe they have much herding ability, we will leave that to the boarder collie.  Kosmo is soooo busy that most people believe he is special.  Mostly he is a total love.  As you can see here.