On our vacation I make Dave stop the car (he doesn’t like to stop the car) to take pictures of old cars and trucks.  I like to paint them when I get home.  I will share some of my artwork–and others–in future Blogs.  Well as I was taking some cool truck pictures in Springdale, Ut I noticed an ostrich farm, and walked over to check it out.  I raise chickens and I have always wanted an ostrich.  The farmer/owner was there.  Wade has raised these birds in the Springdale/Rockville area for several years and has 2 heards.  They were quite friendly birds and we were able to feed them.  Then we purchased an egg from Wade.  We told him that we were going to have a big breakfast the next day–I do not think he believed us.  Check out the following pictures…..


this is the egg next to a pair of sunglasses


this is the hole that I drilled into the egg to keep the shell-it is on a shelf in my living room

here is a picture of the breakfast we made in Dave’s 16 inch cast iron fry pan.