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This is a great property for first timers and investors.  It is in good shape for an older home has tons of character and in a nice neighborhood.  The previous owners were renting it and had a good ROI on it.  Buyers  at 5.5% rate if you put 20% down your payment would be @ $ 950.00 for 30 years.  The house was renting for $1400 a month.



I am not sure if the economic downturn has hit all of you, but I had a 15% off coupon sent to me and I thought I would pass it along.

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It is no secret home ownership is one great way to start you on the way to wealth.  In most markets even when your mortgage is not being paid down quickly, values are increasing.  Tax incentives are a great way to offset income.  Build your credit.  I am always surprised when I learn of people who do not want to buy a home and choose to rent year after year.  Why? I ask.  Often the answer is they are looking for a better deal.  Don’t have a down payment.  Credit scores.  Too expensive. Do not want to commit.  Here are my answers to that. 

Park City has an affordable housing committee, these individuals have dedicated time and energy making sure that the area has some access to deed-restricted housing that is affordable to people who are first time buyers and lower income.  Don’t qualify for or don’t want to get into these “deed restricted” properties?  Currently there are great deals on the market and with the low mortgage rates your payments could be as little as you are paying in rent.  There is a ton of property to choose from.  The government has introduced some great incentives with tax credits for down payment assistance to get first time buyers into the market.  With the slow in the housing market inventory is up and there is a ton to choose from.  Your credit scores are an important part of your life–to understand them and fix them log on to  Don’t want to commit-I can’t help you.  For more information The Park City Board of realtors has some free classes and great information to help you get started. 

For more information call me or attend on of these ownership classed  Monday June 8th or Tuesday June 9th at the Park City Board of Realtors.  Call to reserve you seat–space is limited  435-200-6900.


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Just wanted to remind all of my biking friends that the group rides will be starting up soon.  Attached is the link to White Pine Touring for thier group rides.  The guided are great and they break everyone out into groups based on ability.  These are a great way to meet people that share your interest in mountain biking and your level of ability.  It is also fun to get a beer after.  Cheers!

pc sign2 My husband and I started riding our bikes as soon as the snow melted.  This year we have been riding at Glenwild a lot and did not get over to round valley until this week.  Generally this area is great for early season rides as the snow melts here quickly and the trails are some of the more flat and smooth trails in the area and are great for beginers and to get your bike legs back.  For the past few days we have been riding some of the trails in that area and I must tell you–they are in GREAT shape.  Fast and smooth and not to dusty.  Enjoy!!

See you on the trail.


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