att00021Several winters ago I did the pond skim.  And I made it accross and won a snowboard.  I thought ‘that was easy and very rewarding”.  So I tried it again.  I was up for biggest splash/crash.  Well, let’s just say that 1 more year of dunking myself in the EXTREEMLY fridged water was enough for me to hang up my water wings and decide that it is more fun and warmer on the sidelines.  Two winters ago my sister, brother and brother-in-law decided to visit at this time of year and they were able to see 1st hand some of the crazy/fun we have up here in the mountains.  Last year Dave and I just dressed up in some old 80’s onepieces, grabbed some PBR and hit the slopes.  We are planning to attend this year, but may not get out until later in the day.  The concert in the village is usually a good time too.