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Living and working in Tollgate, I get a TON of people who say they want to live simply and without debt.  Tiny homes seem to be a go to option for people these days…however how do you do it?  I have collected a ton of stuff over the course of my life and don’t know where you put it in a tiny home.  The Mr jokes often about going into the business of Tiny Home additions.  This cracks me up.  Here is a great article from FB that answered a few of my qs on actually doing this.  click HERE to read.


For my birding friends.


Keep a weather eye out for these birding events in Utah |

So sad that the Canyons Resort did not have much terrain open for my fellow epic racers.  If they waited a few more days some of my new friends would have gotten to experience some Utah Pow.  Another experience that is worth a trip back is the Orange Bubble Express (OBX).  Truthfully this is the best lift I have ridden in any state.  Heated cushy seats and a happy orange plexiglass shield make the world look a whole lot brighter.  Hey Canyons and Doppelmyer….Can we get a Pink Bubble in place of Dream Catcher lift?

Epic Racers…hit me up after December and I will tour you around the mountain a bit more.

I have to say that after being stuck in the Denver airport for several hours, I have come to the conclusion that the NICEST PEOPLE live in Minnesota. From Eric at the watering hole to Tom in the Terminal and Stacy on the plane all were super friendly and willing to give me guidance to get to and enjoy one of the smallest ski areas that I will visit this year. Though I have met great people along my journey-these guys were the best. When I stopped in to get a room at the Super 8 at midnight, the man who helped me offer a discount because ‘I would not be enjoying my room for as long as other people’. WOW. If it wasn’t so cold here, I might stay.

One of the stops along our EPIC Colorado Journey. Oscar Blues is Mr Man’s FAVORITE bar. I might like the tasting room better. The smell of the beer being brewed was wonderful. #epicrace



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